I’ve got to start somewhere so lets commence with my flight from Ireland to Brasil, with an overnight stop in Germany. After a bit of research it seems that it’s always cheapest to travel from Ireland on a Monday, and get a flight from Frankfurt Am Main to Recife on a Tuesday morning. That’s €40 for Aer Lingus to Germany, and €360 with Condor to Brasil.

My last view of Ireland for a while… That’s Dublin Bay

I stayed at the Meininger Airport hotel in Frankfurt.(€75/night, although it can be as low as €40) You get a shuttle bus from just outside Terminal 1. (€3.50 return) It’s just the essentials, nothing fancy. Although my room had a spectacular view.

Beautiful Frankfurt

I had the option to arrive in Frankfurt late at night, like Marina, or the early morning. I chose to go early since it gave me the chance to go down to Stuttgart for the day and meet my friend Matze, who I know from my time on Erasmus in Finland. (€48 return train with DB)


Stuttgart recently got an amazing new library, it’s well worth a visit


So, next morning, back to the airport and off to Recife!


Europe and Africa in the same picture. That’s southern Spain (Tarifa & Algeciras), and Gibraltar, on the right. On the left is northern Morocco, and Ceuta, a Spanish exclave.

10 hours later, I landed in Recife, met by Marina, and we drove north about 2 hours up to João Pessoa, her parents city. So, here we are.

Skyline of Manaíra in João Pessoa