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Our trusty companion

When I bought my first car in 2014, I knew I had to mount a dashcam in the front window. I didn’t ever expect to see anything as outlandish as the Russians, or the Taiwanese, but I expected it’d come in handy.

Now, that dashcam has come over to Brazil for the trip, and it’s serving us very well so far.

No accidents or explosions just yet, but some things you can’t capture in a photo, you wouldn’t catch it in time. Here’s a top 8… Just think of it as a top 5 with 3 bonus clips.

8. Crossing the Rio São Fransisco

We were the last car on the ferry, reversing in. Luckily, we turned around for the trip across and got this fantastic view of the trip across the famous Velho Chico.

7. Fires in Curvelo

A town in central Minas Gerais, where the inhabitants like to play fast and loose with fire safety. We haven’t seen this anywhere else, only in Curvelo.

6. Inga Great Craic lady

Some moments you don’t really register, until you go back and check the camera later on. We caught this gem on our first day travelling, just outside Ingá, Paraíba. Fair play to you, cool old lady. (No audio)

5. Extreme dust on the BR

A supposedly major road in central Minas Gerais turns into a dust storm when we get near some big trucks.

4. Windfarm building

The scale of these enormous constructions is difficult to grasp until you’re right up next to them. We came across these huge wind turbine components on the way to Garanhuns, Pernambuco.

3. Alagoas Sunset

We’re literally riding into the sunset here. (No audio)

2. Visit Correntes

I just wanted to have a bit of fun with this one 😉 Apologies to any loyal readers from Correntes, I would love to come watch TV with you some day. (No audio)

1. Great overtaking

Some bozo decides he really needs to take the next exit, so why not blast across two lanes of traffic to get there. Welcome to Belo Horizonte!