Barra do Una is a small beach on the coast of São Paulo state, about 2 hours from the city by car. It’s a bit out of the way – in fact, I wouldn’t have found it at all, were it not for the cluster of campsites that highlights it on Maccamp. During the summer, it’s packed at the weekends. In midwinter, when we arrived for a short stay, we were the only outsiders in town.


The trip from São Paulo out to the coast takes you along Rodovia dos Imigrantes – the “best road in Brazil”. It’s a motorway, through the mountains, with lots of very long tunnels. You can drive 120km/hr on it! Just like being back in Ireland! Unfortunately the road out to Barra do Una doesn’t meet the same high standards, it’s a terrible, mucky track, full of holes, once you pass Peruíbe, the last large town on the way.


We stayed at “Camping Juréia”, across the road from the beach, and took the opportunity to unwind for a few days. We cooked on the gas stove, we walked on the beach, we watched the birds amble about, pecking for worms. Our phones got a rest – there’s no signal available here. One local told us there’s a secret spot on the beach where only TIM works- if you hold your phone just right.


Given we’d spent the last 2 weeks in Brazil’s most expensive city, we were feeling a bit broke, so it was a good opportunity to take stock of our spending, and economise. And while we’ve got so much free time, let’s make a movie!

We’d been meaning to make that clip for a long time, a time-lapse of us setting our car up to sleep. I wouldn’t say it was entirely comfortable… But it wasn’t bad!


The gas stove also came in handy, and has lasted much longer than we’d expected. With about half of the 230ml left, it’s already made us:

  • 1 litre of soup
  • 8 espressos
  • Scrambled Egg & Sausage
  • Boiled Vegetables for 2
  • 700ml Tea
  • 4 packs of noodles
  • 2 fried eggs

At the beach, which is obviously at sea level, I also got the chance to complete my long-overdue photo montage, of a coke bottle compressing under ambient air pressure. Completely full at the top of Pico da Bandeira, and utterly crushed down here by the beach.

bottle compression

While on the beach, we came across this very well placed lightbulb:


And the remains of some unlucky creatures.

At this very quiet, relaxing place, we also got the chance to catch up with a bit of blogging. In the car:


Or just sitting outside.


Plus, a chance to fix one of the annoying issues with sleeping in the car, the rear luggage light that couldn’t be switched off. So I installed a switch. This must be good for my posture:


Oh and a warning for any future visitors – there’s a high risk of alien abduction in the area.


Next stop: Curitiba!


  • Camping Juréia : R$30 / €8.50 per night